You will visit the cave city Matera (Basilicata), a cultural world heritage site listed by the UNESCO. At the end of this vacation, you will have seen or experienced 4 UNESCO cultural heritage listed sites in Puglia and the Basilicata: Matera, Castel del Monte, Alberobello and the Mediterranean Diet. You will stay in hotels in two beautiful cities, Bari and Lecce and both offer a variety of cultural and architectonical sights. The focus of this itinerary will be on art and culture, but of course you will also be able to experience the stunning beauty of Puglia’s landscape and sea. Puglia produces extra vergine olive oil, fruit and vegetables and last but not least wonderful wine. The food enthusiasts among you will enjoy Puglia’s “Mediterranean Diet” (also protected by the UNESCO, because it is an expression of a unique culture).
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