Krishna Translations is India’s top provider of language translation services. Free Translation sample upon request. Low cost and perfect quality translation from Hindi to English and English to hindi.We are able to handle any type of translation requirements you may have, including legal translation,medical translation, general translation, certified translation, website translation or software localization,Court Interpretation, Subtitling, Audio Video Transcription and Voice overs in English, Punjabi, Hindi and all Indian languages.
We shall be glad to provide a free sample translation of 200 words to give you a feel of our quality translations.
Krishna Translations provides a variety of services in English to Punjabi Translations, which include:
English to Punjabi Legal Translation
Interpretation Services in English and Punjabi
Punjabi Subtitling
English to Punjabi Certified Translation
Transcription Services from English to Punjabi
Punjabi Voiceovers
Legal Document
Medical Document
Birth Certificate
General Translation
Press Release Translation

For More information visit us at:- www.krishnatranslations.com


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