A guided tour to discover the old town and the Murat district (the “new” town built in 1813 during the French domination by Gioacchino Murat). During the visit, we will see the Basilica of St. Nicholas (one of the most beautiful example of Romanesque architecture in Apulia and one of the few churches in the world that guest 2 religions: the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox), the cathedral of St. Sabino, the Swabian castle, the Fortino di St. Antonio Abate, the archeological museum of St. Scolastica, Piazza del Ferrarese, Piazza Mercantile and the old port. We will enjoy the experience of Arco Alto e Arco Basso where there are some old ladies making and selling orecchiette (homemade traditional pasta). We will see also some interesting palaces in the Murat district (some of them in liberty style architecture): the Palace of the aqueduct, Petruzzelli theatre, Fizzarotti Palace, Mincuzzi Palace.
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