Francavilla Fontana is one of the hidden beauties of Italy. There are many treasures to discover in Francavilla Fontana, among them manifold churches. One of them is the minor Basilica of the Holy Rosary with the Byzantine icon of the “Madonna and Child” and with the paintings of Domenico Carella, the famous Puglian artist who has left his indelible mark in this region. The Santa Chiara church is best known for its papier-mâché statues that are displayed in processions during the famous Holy Week rites. The Church of the Liguorine Fathers is also called the Golden Church due to the richness of its decorations, and the San Sebastian church exhibits ornate baroque altars.
Francavilla Fontana is also known for its palaces with their amazing balconies, such as the Argentina Palace´s medieval balcony, which is a national monument.
A visit to Francavilla Fontana would not be complete without a drop by in a small workshop to taste some traditional sweets: Cupete, little masterpieces created of chocolate hazelnut paste, will please not only your mouth but also your eyes. The formidable Mandorla Riccia is a local sweetness made of almonds, sugar, water, lemon, cedar and natural flavors, and it is still produced following the centuries-old recipe using traditional tools.
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